Simplicity Gems

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes the best way to get questions answered, is just ask.  We respond to emails as quickly as humanly possible - so, Please ASK US.


What materials do you use?

All our designs are created to focus on genuine gemstones. The gemstones are paired with other quality materials including Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Gold Vermeil (sterling silver dipped in 14kt gold), Oxidized Sterling Silver (a tarnishing process that blackens the sterling), Fine Silver, 14kt Gold and Leathers.  If you have specific questions about specific designs - shoot us an email.

Can you substitute surgical steel earwire?

Yes! Just make a note on your order.

Where do your gemstones come from?

We directly import the majority of our gemstones. Many come from India, Thailand and the American Southwest.  We strive to use only high quality gem cutters and also work with all-female operations whenever possible. If you would like to know the origin of your gemstones - shoot us an email.

Will you do custom orders or group designs?

Yes! Because we directly import our gemstones we can order almost any gemstone or cut. We also can alter any of our existing designs to suit your needs. Want a necklace shorter - no problem. Want a different gemstone on a particular design - no problem. Want to order fourteen necklaces for your bridesmaids (yes, we have actually done that!) - no problem.

Do you have additional designs not shown on the webpage?

Yes - a ton! New designs are formulating all the time and we can't get them all shown on the webpage. A large variety of designs are available in some of the boutiques that showcase our work. If you are on the west coast and are interested in boutique locations, let us know. Otherwise, we can also send you snap shots of other designs if you are interested in something specific. Please also checkout our Facebook page and Instagram for new designs and customer shots.